Relieve Pain, Prevent Injury and Optimize Movement in just 10 Minutes a Day!

also Lift Heavier, Squat Lower and Run Faster

Doc Jen 

My name is Jen Esquer, DPT, PT. As a physical therapist, I value a person as a whole. You are NOT your diagnosis. You are NOT your MRI. Most importantly, you are UNIQUE

Your diagnosis of pain or injury might sound the same as another, but unless they have the exact same job, enjoy the exact same activities/hobbies, have the same life stressors, and have walked through life just like you... your true CAUSE of pain will be different.  

We have the power to effect change in our bodies. We have the power to relieve pain, prevent injury and optimize movement. And with this program, I'm going to provide you with all the tools to bulletproof your body.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I am limited in the number of people I can personally treat. A one-on-one session with me is $300/evaluation. I created The Mobility Method to reach more people and to make it afforable for you to optimize your body in your own home. I'm so excited for your journey to start. 

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Whats Inside The Mobility Method

  • 10 Hip Mobility Videos
  • 4 Back Mobility Videos
  • 9 Shoulder Mobility Videos
  • 9 Ankle Mobility Videos
  • 5 Toes, Wrists, Finger Mobility Videos

(VALUE: $1,000)

  • Self-Assessment Screening Tool
  • 24 Different Moves
  • Track Progress Easier 

(VALUE: $50)

  • ONE time enrollment into private Facebook group
  • Private FB Lives to ask specific questions
  • Support and accountability from ME

(VALUE: $100)

  • Guide to Foam Rolling 101
  • The Art of Breathing Basics
  • Headache Relief
  • 5 Mobility Pre-set Routines
  • 7 Pre-set Mobility Routines with Gratitude Meditation

(VALUE: $250)

  • Low Back Pain Program
  • Shoulder Pain Program
  • Knee Pain Program
  • Plantar Fasciities/Achilles Program

(VALUE: $500)


A one-on-one evaluaton with me costs $300. This covers everything you could need plus so much more than what I could provide in a single session. I want to make this as affordable as possible so everyone can optimize their bodies and relieve pain so our program price is only...$97


"Ok girl, here's the real deal. Back in March I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and a pinched sciatica due to lack of movement during the winter because I reinjured my right shoulder that was diagnosed with mild tendonitis. I've been active my entire life and started having injuries and pain around 23. I'm now 29. After a week of The Mobility Method, I am pain-free - WHAT?!? The Mobility Method is worth every cent! Thank you for offering this amazing program!" - Cat

"The hip and mobility sessions I did last night and again at the airport helpd out tremendously today as I flew a 6 hour flight without any back or joint issues. So thanks again!" - Chris

"Being active is part of my life and when an injury to my back and hip stopped me from my regular workout routine, Jen came to the rescue. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me medicine to reduce the inflammation, but it was Jen who figured out what the root of the problem was and fixed it. After a few weeks of treatment and at-home exercises, my pain stopped. I'm so grateful for her knowledge of the body and sweet bedside manner. I truly believe she is one of the best Pt's in LA!" - Liberte

"Signed up for your program yesterday and I'm already OBSESSED! I was a D1 athlete and loved the mobility sessions we learned and have been trying to incorporate it more (and learn more along the way) now that I'm not a full time athlete anymore. Your program is perfect!! I coach rowing at the high school level and have been teaching them as well. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge." - Kelsey

"Jen!!! You are an absolute genius!!! You changed my life for the better, even within a couple of days, how awesome is that?! I am re-teaching my body how to move through The Mobility Method and I already notice differences! My back pain has decreased a lot because of all the hip movements and I already notice that I'm walking more freely and it feels great!" - Priscilla

"After 2 weeks of focusing on mobility (particularly hips and shoulders) I am so amazed with the results! I've trained in the martial arts for over a decade, but lately everything has just worked and felt so much better. Several of my training partners have noticed the change too! Thank you Jen!" - Saverio

"Hey doc! I just wanted to say that you hip module has really really helped me out. I've been having this weird pain at my hips and pain on the bottom left butt cheek when I would bend forward and it has kept me from working out for about 2 years now. I meet with a chiro 4 times a month but I have been doing this for one week now and I feel like myself again. I feel like I can give it my all when it comes to working out and it's a great feeling! Thank you!" - Cynthia

"Hi! I just have to say, I've grown so much in the few short weeks of practicing w the mobility method. I'm training for my first powerlifting comp in jan and squats and deadlifts have caused me so much hip pain due to tightness. My coach refused to bump my weight up unless I stretched more. Can I just say... my goal for the comp was to lift 260. We haven't deadlifted in almost 3 weeks and today I maxed at 275! He's bumping my opener up to 315 for the comp!" - Hope

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a recurrent payment or one-time payment?  

This is a ONE-TIME payment for LIFETIME ACCESS! You can't beat that!

When does the course start and finish?

LIFETIME ACCESS! There is no hard start and stop. This is your unlimited toolbox to begin incorporating these exercises into your everday life! I will be teaching you how to incorporate them into your day so that it takes no more than 10 minutes/day to increase mobility and begin improving your life!

What if I am not currently injured?

Perfect! This is the exact time you NEED to dive in, find where you have restrictions within the body and learn how to overcome those to prevent future pain and injuries that could arise down the road.

What if I am currently in pain or have an injury?

Also a perfect time for you to begin. You will always choose exercises that fit your needs at the time. There are plenty of modules and exercises we cover that will decrease pain, reduce injury and are very easy on the body.

Will this be detrimental to my lifting program?

Heck no! In fact, it will be the exact OPPOSITE! Once you find your routine and remain consistent, you will find your body opening up so that you can begin to lift heavier, open your shoulders and back swiftly, and squat deeper.

What if I already do Yoga?

Great! You may already be finding opening within the body. BUT the mobility program dives deeper into end-range control and strength, as well as teaches you how to find restrictions along different areas of the spine or other jonts you may not even be aware of!

What if I need help finding my restrictions or structuring my mobility routine?

That's what the Facebook group is for! You'll have access to ask me any question you have and a community committed to the health of their own body to hold you accountable for your own!

What if I am unhappy with this course?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy. I never want you to feel unsatisfied, so contact us ( jen @ docjenfit dot com) within the first 30 days of purchase and you'll receive a full refund. 

What do you get within each module?


  • 3 variations of the most effective hamstring mobility drills
  • 3 of the best hip flexor openers
  • Most effective quadriceps release end-range holds
  • 2 releases for the inner thighs for bowed knees
  • Hip capsular openers to increase hip rotation range of motion
  • Kneeling hip mobility flow (great for lifters)
  • Standing hip mobility flow (great for runners)
  • Self-myofascial release
  • PNF (proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation) stretches


  • Passive upper back (thoracic) openers
  • 2 active upper back mobility drills
  • 1 passive back extension opener
  • 2 upper back flexion/extension mobility drills
  • Understanding of functional vertebral motion
  • Functional standing spinal mobility for daily activity
  • Safe & effective drills for scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and disc herniations


  • Functional passive pectoralis major + minor stretch
  • Active pectoralis opening with functional scapular motion
  • 4 passive latissimus dorsi stretch
  • 3 active latissimus dorsi mobility drills
  • 2 shoulder capsular stretch to increase internal range of motion
  • Various scapular mobility drills
  • 7 functional shoulder mobility drills
  • Understanding and effective exercises for relief of rotator cuff syndrome, impingement syndrome, rounded shoulders and other shoulder pain


  • Non-weight bearing functional ankle range conditioning
  • Standing Gastrocnemius/soleus stretches
  • Seated and standing ankle dorsiflexion mobility drills to address both joint and soft tissue restrictions, including achilles tendon
  • Functional foot pronation/supination retraining
  • Weight bearing dorsiflexion/plantarflexion end-range mobility drills
  • Gastrocnemius + anterior tibialis strengthening for end range dorsiflexion/plantarflexion strength and control
  • Functional weight bearing drills for full mobility, strength and range of motion through feet and ankles
  • PNF (proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation) stretches


  • Passive wrist flexion/extension stretches
  • Active wrist flexion/extension mobility drills
  • Standing and seated big toe mobility drills
  • All toe neuromuscular retraining, intrinsic foot muscular strengthening, and mobility
  • PNF (proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation) stretches 


  • True effect of foam rolling
  • How long one should foam roll
  • Safe and effective foam rolling for the spine
  • Self-myofascial release for functional release of the shoulders, back, hips, and legs


  • Understanding of breath and the body
  • Nervous system restructuring
  • Most effective and efficient breath drills to decrease pain, improve mobility and decrease stress


  • Self-myofascial release for suboccipitals
  • Suboccipital stretch
  • Deep neck flexor neuromuscular retraining for decreased forward head posture and active suboccipital release


  • Low Back Pain Mobilty Routine
  • Shoulder Pain Mobility Routine
  • Knee Pain Mobility Routine
  • Plantar Fasciitis/Achilles Tendinits Mobility Routine

I am so excited for you to take this on! There will be a full community involved to help support and provide accountability, plus I will be fully involved within the group as well!

I am truly dedicated to you getting results and feeling GREAT which is why I have a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If there is anything that you're not satisfied with, please reach out to me within the first 30 days of purchase ( and we'll see if there is anything I can do to help support you. If not, there will be a full refund guaranteed.

Looking forward to connecting more with you!


Dr. Jen Esquer